What is a deep bite?

A deep overbite is when the upper front teeth almost completely overlap the lower front teeth.

What causes a deep bite?

A deep bite can be caused by a large top jaw, missing lower teeth, a small lower jaw or tight oral muscular patterns. Often the lower teeth line or lower dental arch has a ‘bell-shape’, where the lower front teeth rise up much higher than the back teeth.

What problems can a deep bite cause?

This can be a very serious issue and a deep bit can lead to loss of the front teeth. This condition will also have a impact on facial aesthetics.

The top edges of the lower teeth actually bite into the gum tissue in the roof of the mouth, potentially stripping the gums from the back of the top teeth.

How do you treat an deep bite problem?

Deep bite treatment often requires a multi-discipline approach with orthodontics and restorative dentistry usually involved. Modern orthodontic treatment is able to correct an improperly aligned bite by intruding your front (anterior) teeth and/or erupting your back ( posterior) teeth; many of the options available today are very discreet.

Missing back teeth can create or worsen a ‘deep bite’ situation and in these cases restoration of the missing teeth with dental implants and/or bridgework is needed to re-establish the correct bite. In severe cases, orthodonatic surgery may be the best solution.

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