What is an overbite?

An overbite in orthodontic terms is a condition where the upper front teeth bite over the lower teeth. People commonly call this an overbite.

What causes an overbite?

This may occur due to genetics, bad oral habits, or overdevelopment of the bone that supports the teeth.

What problems does an overbite cause?

Problems related to this include gum problems or irritation, and/or wear on the lower teeth, and can cause painful jaw and joint problems. It is a common orthodontic condition.

The problem often has its roots in the size of the jaws and poor care of children’s teeth Overbites typically result in improper functioning, and an unnatural appearance of the front teeth. They may also result in excessive wearing of the lower front teeth.

Prolonged use of feeding bottles or pacifiers may also result in the upper teeth being pushed out. Since the lower teeth “undercut” the upper ones, it may also cause damage to the upper gums and palate. This may lead to problems with the supporting structures of the teeth.

How do you treat an overbite problem?

Correction can be done at any age, though treatment is usually recommended for children in the 10 – 14 age group. During this time, treatment is easier because the jaw is easier to manipulate than in adults.

Based on the degree of the overbite, the orthodontist may recommend straightening, braces or surgery. The amount of time for braces may vary as each case is patient specific.

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